Separation of Immigrant Families

There has been a lot in the news about children being separated from their parents who have entered the United States either illegally, or who have requested asylum in the United States.

The courts have ordered the federal government to re-unite the children with their parents. Unfortunately, this has not necessarily been occurring.  In fact, it was recently reported that at least 300 individuals were sent back to their home countries in Central America without their children. Their children were then placed into state foster care.  As more and more time has passed, some of the foster families have asked for permanent custody, and although having signed agreements that they would not seek to adopt the children, it appears that this may now be happening.

The states’ foster care systems are not equipped to deal with these children.  Further, and more importantly, the separation of these children whether at a very young age or older, is devastating for them.  This is a situation which must be dealt with and remedied properly.  No child should be taken from his or her parents who may very well be excellent parents, especially when the separation is for punishment unrelated to child care or for political reasons.