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How to Choose the Right Professional or Adoption Agency to Assist You

Choosing an Adoption Agency

When you or you and a partner intend to adopt a child, you need to select the right people to support you throughout the process. This can be an overwhelming and complex procedure if you are not familiar with how to proceed.

What to Look for in Putting Together a Team for Adoption

The right adoption professional in conjunction with the other people you use to support your growing family such as an adoption attorney can make a significant impact over how you feel about the experience and your ability to move through the process with minimal stress and confusion. Furthermore, finding the appropriate adoption professional to work with you can increase your chances of a powerful and positive adoption experience.

Whether you are working with an adoption attorney, an adoption agency or a facilitator for adoption, the right professional can help you avoid risks of adoption such as scams and disruption. There are thousands of different adoption agencies across the country, but there are certain steps you can follow to ensure you are working with the right one.

The first step is to engage in research. Remember that how you choose to adopt will require different adoption professionals. Make sure you begin making phone calls and call around until you find someone you are confident in working with. You should also be highly prepared for adoption interviews.

Be Prepared with What You’ll Need to Provide

Certain adoption professionals might ask you direct questions about your personal history, finances, lifestyle, health, career, and education. It may be hard to disclose this information over the phone, but remember that it is part of the adoption process. This is also a chance for you to interview the professional you are thinking about working with. Do this by asking questions.

Know the Fees Upfront for Adoption

Getting the critical information such as how much it will cost and when these fees are due can give you a better overview of what to expect. One powerful way to ensure you are working with the right adoption professional is to look for a positive proof.

Make Sure You Read Reviews

Start looking for reputable reviews of adoptions, whether successful or unsuccessful.

Third party validation associated with the adoption professional you are working with is highly valuable to ensure that you are being discriminating enough to find the right person. This process is known as doing your due diligence. Just as the adoption professionals will be looking carefully at you and your loved ones as you move through the process, you need to ensure you have selected the right person to work with you. You can:

  • Check directly with better business peers to see if complaints have been lodged against the organization.
  • Join parent support groups to find previous clients of the agencies you are looking into.
  • Review online comments and testimonials about the company.

There are also warning signs to be aware of as you move forward with an adoption. First of all, does what the company offer seem too good to be true or do they have no affiliations with other reputable and other professional organizations? If the company engages in questionable behavior like asking for the fees to be paid upfront or refusing to provide you with an itemized list of what’s required from you over the course of the process, you may wish to avoid working with this particular adoption professional. The right adoption attorney is a significant benefit to you as you go throughout the process to minimize your own stress and anxiety.

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When Should You Tell Your Child about Adoption?

When Should You Tell Your Child about Adoption?

Among adoptive parents, it’s common to feel a great deal of anxiety about the whole idea of telling your child that he or she was adopted. Accordingly, it can be easy to ignore the issue. But it’s never a good idea to choose not to tell your child. But when should you start talking about it? The best answer—as soon as they start asking about it and no later than middle childhood. Though there’s no hard and fast rule, as every situation is different, your child should know about the adoption before he or she starts middle school or junior high, but preferably much sooner.

The First Questions

It’s not uncommon for children to start asking questions about babies long before they start school. This can be the ideal time to start an initial introduction to the idea of adoption. Children don’t have any expectation that they must have come from your womb, so it doesn’t have to seem wrong or unusual that they were born to someone else, but are a part of your family.

The first discussion may be nothing more than “babies are born to women” and “you were not born to us.” You may also say that many children don’t live with the parents to whom they were born. Your child may or may not ask questions—let them. Try as best you can to answer the questions honestly, using simple and direct language. Let your child know that his birthparent loved him, but was unable to take care of him. Also tell him how much you wanted him. You can also talk a little bit about the process of bringing him home.

When Your Child Goes to School

Once your child starts school and starts to socialize on a regular basis, things will change dramatically. Your child will have greater exposure to other children and their families, and, if you haven’t talked about the adoption, may start to sense that he or she is different. In addition, your child will quickly learn to pick up cues from you and others, things they may not have noticed or understood before, that will cause them to wonder about themselves. Parents of their friends may unwittingly disclose the adoption to their children, so that your child becomes the target of taunts or learns of the adoption from someone else.

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