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Choosing an Adoption Agency


When you’ve decided to adopt a child, and you know you want to work through an agency, one of the most challenging tasks can be selecting the appropriate agency to handle your adoption. It can be a complicated and daunting process, but here are some tips for making certain that the agency you choose will be the right one.

Your First Step

There are literally thousands of adoption agencies in the United States, so you’ll need to narrow down your search substantially. One of the first questions you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you want to adopt domestically or internationally. Some agencies only handle domestic adoptions, while others really specialize in international adoptions. Furthermore, some international agencies have sub-specialties, doing a lot of their work in a few countries. In addition, you’ll want to determine whether you want to work with a local agency or a national/international agency. The local agency will typically provide a more personal experience and you’ll likely have access to more local post-adoption resources. A national agency will typically have more contacts and resources. You’ll want an agency with a lot of experience, but you can expect to pay a little more for that experience. In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages to the size of an agency. A larger agency will provide a bigger pool of candidates, but a smaller agency will typically give you more personal access to caseworkers.

Interview a Number of Agencies

Once you’ve narrowed your list to between five and ten, it’s time to ask questions. The initial questions can be solicited through an e-mail, but it’s always better, if possible to meet with agency representatives in person. Don’t get caught up in the numbers, though. It’s important to know how many adoptions the agency handles a year, and how long the average wait is, but it’s just as important to determine that you’ll enjoy working with the agency.

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Supreme Court Decision Regarding Same Sex Marriage

The recent decision of the Supreme Court of the United States establishing that same sex couples have a constitutionally protected right to marry has a direct and beneficial effect on children. Specifically, the decision recognizes the dignity of all families and provides for the protection of children who are adopted or born into gay and lesbian families. This decision will allow all children to have legally recognized parents in every state and will guarantee that those children who are living with gay or lesbian parents will have secure and permanent relationships with them. In other words, each child will now have the benefit of two parents who are legally responsible for them. This can only benefit the children. The Supreme Court decision will now allow for the legally protected relationships between these parents and the children that they love and are raising. The Supreme Court decision was one in favor of children and to that extent it should be applauded.